About us

Our goal and principles:

AShop brand has been established 5 years ago. It was founded as a result of regional price differences. AShop uses such an opportunity and offers players the chance to save money. We aim to be professional at what we do when delivering our services. Like any other shop, we focus on delivering excellent service and offer confidentiality to our customers.

Предоставляя свои услуги в виде продажи гаджетов, внутриигровой валюты и предметов, а также сервисов буста вашего персонажа в игре, сервисов прохождения квестов и прочих внутриигровых эвентов, мы стараемся быть максимально профессиональными в своем деле. Как и любой другой магазин, мы ориентированы на высокий уровень сервиса и обеспечение конфиденциальности наших клиентов.

In the 5 years our principles have remained unchanged. We adhere to our principles as every client is important to us.

How to purchase:

1. Choose the product on the website.

We offer a wide selection of your favorite games. If you can’t find your game in the catalogue, you can ask the operator or in Telegram (ashopsupport) whether this game is supported.

2. You can get in touch with the operator via chat on the website.

The operator will provide you with current information on games, answer all your questions, accept and help you place your order.

3. Provide information for order transfer. All information is kept confidential.

All transfer details are received only by the operator at the time of order placement. Do not share your information with third parties!

4. Payment.

For your convenience, we offer over 10 different payment methods.

Refund opportunity:

If the order was not received - no reason to be disappointed. You can always request a refund from the operator.

We will always listen to our customers in case of any technical issue. When using AShop services you are not risking to loose your money or not receiving the order. You can send a message to our operator for further information.

Refund guarantee:

AShop is on the market for over 5 years. We have many loyal customers and over 25,000 completed orders. We value our reputation and our customers.