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Слот для 2-4 персонажа (Login)3.00 USD

770 Zem (ID)38.70 USD

196 Zem (ID)11.40 USD

125 Zem (ID)7.60 USD

60 Zem (ID)4.10 USD

29 Zem (ID)2.20 USD

14 Zem (ID)1.30 USD

62800 Coin (ID)10.40 USD

38900 Coin (ID)6.60 USD

21000 Coin (ID)4.10 USD

10200 Coins (ID)2.20 USD

4680 Coins (ID)1.30 USD

Слот для 5-ого персонажа5.10 USD

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1.After you have chose a product, select a payment method.

2. Pay for the order and write your e-mail for recieving the reciepe.

3. Follow the operator's instructions in the chat for further ordering.

- If you have any questions or suggestions, you can write to the chat.

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234000 Coin (ID)36.50 USD

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Если вы не смогли найти способ оплаты который вам подходит, обратитесь в чат к оператору.